Five Ways to Simplify Your Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be a stressful process and often it can detract from the spirit and happiness of being a bride. The process can be made more difficult with the pressure of family and friend requirements which leads to many decisions that need to be made. It is important to remember that bridal stress is temporary and there are many ways to simplify your wedding planning to get you through it. Here are five ways to simplify your wedding planning:

1) Wedding planning involves planning out your expenditure and as the costs begin to build up you can often be left feeling overwhelmed. A simple way to conquer this is to start planning ahead and making sure you save the required amount of money to ensure that you can afford the type of wedding you want. Another way to ease out your financial stress is to consult your parents before hand to find out how much they are willing to chip in. After you know how much you can spend do your research to find a venue that you can afford and more importantly one that you actually want to have your wedding at.

2) Prioritize your list of things to do. Ensure that you tick off the most important things well before crunch time – things like choosing a venue, picking a caterer and hiring an entertainer can all be done a few months before hand so you can focus on other things closer to the wedding date. In doing this you eliminate the risk of leaving things to the last minute and also prevent yourself from stressing out closer to the wedding date. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have a wedding planner in an easily accessible place so you can plan out exactly when you want particular tasks to be finished by. There are also many online tools that allow you to keep a planner on your computer which can make it easier to stay on top of things.

3) An integral part of wedding planning is to prepare a guest list before you hand out initiations. It is important to remember that the amount of guests you invite will have an influence on your overall wedding budget so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to limit the number of guests you invite. For instance, inviting close friends and family will is a better option than all out inviting all your acquaintances and people you have met over the years. This will not only result in more planning but will also force you to increase your budget. To ensure you only invite the number of guests you can afford it is useful to plan ahead. A good rule of thumb is to spread your guest list so you assign half your number of guests to be chosen by the bridge and groom and 25% each to the set of parents.

4) Another way to simplify your wedding planning is to keep every aspect of the wedding as simple as possible. Now this is fairly obvious, but it is easy to get carried away with little things such as the entertainment, fancy invitations and overly monumental venues. It is important to keep in mind the true value of getting married and to not fall into the trap of planning a wedding simply to impress people. The entertainment aspect of your wedding should not be a large part of your budget and some light entertainment for the day will suffice. Also, there is no need to spend a whole lot on initiation cards as simple invitation cards can look more elegant than ones with fancy designs on them. Asking around your family and friends to assist you with the design of your invitation cards can actually be a worthwhile thing to do.

5) Last but not least, it is vital to remember that you don’t have to deal with all the planning stress involved in a wedding. Know that you can trust your bride to take care of simple things such as planning the entertainment so you can ease the pressure of yourself. Also, asking your friends and family to help you do certain things can go a long way in assisting you with simple things. In fact, assigning jobs to the people around you can be an effective way to stay on top of everything. While it may be hard to entrust aspects of the most memorable day of your life in the hands of someone else it is something that you will have to come to terms with if you want your wedding planning to go smoothly.