Tips on Setting Up Your Wedding Registry

Wedding gifts

Setting up your registry should be fun!

Weddings are many times the most important day of couples life together which remain in the memories of your guests for the rest of their lives.  In order for a couple to get their lives started right away after they return from their honeymoon, it’s important to set up a wedding registry for all the essential items. In the absence of a wedding registry people may end up receiving gifts that they do not want or receiving more than one similar gifts which end up being a waste of time and money for both guests and the bride and groom.  Wedding registries provide guests with an opportunity to be able to purchase gifts for the bridal couple in an organized and time effective manner.

Before starting your registry it is important to first have a discussion as a couple to determine which gifts are important to you both.  If you’re just moving in with each other then take a realistic inventory of what you both already have and what you need that is new or what needs to be replaced.  If one guest purchases an item from your list the registry reflects that it has been purchased and therefore two guests cannot purchase similar gifts.

When deciding on a wedding registry it is important to decide if it will be a website registry, a shopping store or a mix of the two.  It is important to set up wedding registry in different stores and websites as this will give your guest a wide variety of gifts to choose from.  Setting up your registry at different stores and websites registries also ensures that all your guests can easily find the stores to purchase their gifts.If you are inviting guest who comes from cities outside your area it is always advisable to select a store that has a national presence or website registry so that such guests can buy their gifts online.

When selecting gifts for your registry always remember that some guests may want to purchase gifts that are more expensive and some may end up wanting to spend more on you than you anticipated. Some of the invited guests and family members may opt to purchase gifts as a group so when setting up a wedding registry always include gifts that are more expensive which might favor groups more than individuals.

After setting up your wedding registry you should determine how to inform all the guest that its ready to be viewed. This information may include information about your registry website or where your registry store is situated.  The best way of doing this is to point the guest to the websites of the stores you chose so they can get maps and directions. This information may also be sent to the guests when they receive their invitations.  Another important aspect to consider when setting up a wedding registry is that they should be set as early as possible as many guests purchase their gifts early.  It is considered rude to wait until the last days coming up to the wedding day to notify guest of a registry.  Setting up a wedding registry early also gives you enough time to compile a list of all items that you need as gifts and also gives you time to review the list in the event you may have forgotten an item or two.

One of the most important items to put into consideration when setting up a wedding registry is that you should only register things that you need, items that will assist a couple in starting their new life together should be given first priority.  Review your list a few times to make sure the items are absolutely necessities.  Also consider adding online purchases only to your registry as they’ll be more difficult and time consuming to acquire once you arrive back from your honeymoon.

You may also choose to add services to your wedding registry such as having your wedding dress preserved or even adding an upgrade service from the resort you’ll be staying at during your honeymoon.  These types of gifts can be a lot of fun for guest to participate in and you can even take photos of your excursions which the guest made happen and send a copy in their than-you cards.  Check out more all inclusive gift ideas at or click here to order a wedding dress preservation kit.

Finally, while you’re planning your wedding you should remain organized as many events occur before the wedding date such as your bridal shower.  During your bridal shower many gifts are received which have been bought from the wedding registry.  You should always update your wedding registry to avoid duplication of items during the wedding. It is important to label all the received gifts so that you can be able to thank all your guest you received them from.