Brad Pitt and Anglina Jolie Wedding Location – Our Top 3 Picks

Unless you live under a rock then we’re sure you’ve heard that the wedding of the century is finally on.  Yes, that’s right, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting married.  We can only imagine what type of affair this will be.. the wedding gown, the flowers, the guests.  Will they go the Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer route and hold a secretive private wedding or will this be a celebrity packed gala with all the typical bells and whistles?  While no one knows for sure we do have some good guesses as to the Brad Pitt and Angelina wedding location.  To get an idea of where this elusive location may take place we need to take a look inside the couple’s well guarded lives.

#3 A Shotgun Wedding in England

Whether Brad and Angelina marry in England largely depends on how quickly the couple plans on tying the knot.  Angelina and Brad will be in England for quite a while considering she’s filming her next 3 movies in the country, with her role in the upcoming “The Counselor” being a joint venture between the couple.  There are certainly plenty of magnificent venues in the country ranging from the hauntingly beautiful Chillingham Castle to the private Coombe Abbey.  It’s rumored that a big reason behind their engagement is pressure from the kids which we’re sure is going to speed thing up.  Who knows… considering how adventurous and non-conventional the couple is, they may just show up at an English justice of the peace one day and surprise us all.

falling water anglina pitt house#2 The Couple’s Future Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Waterfall house

What’s the ultimate gift when you can pretty much buy your partner anything in the world?  Evidently a waterfall.  Angelina recently purchased a waterfall and the surrounding land for an undisclosed amount in rural California for her beau after visiting the famous Frank Lloyd Wright house “Fallingwater” in Pennsylvania.  Brad was so enamored by the home that he became border line obsessed with the simple architecture and natural features of the home.  It’s even rumored that Brad will have a direct role in designing the architectural layout of the home.  As far as getting married at future home the question is time.  We figure it’s taken the couple a long seven years to get engaged so what’s another five years to get married in the home of your dreams?

Chateau Miraval Angelina Pitt Wedding#1 Chateau Miraval in France

After initially leasing Chateau Miraval, the Future Mr. and Mrs. Pitt now own the beautiful property situated in the illylic countryside in the South of France which they acquired for a cool 35 million euros.  The chateau property dates back to pre-Roman times (720-121 BC.) and is very well known for the excellent wine produced on the estate.  There’s no doubt the Chateau would provide an ideal setting for a private Brad Pitt and Angelina Wedding venue.  What puts the estate over the top on our list is the fact that Brad and Angelina have raised their twins, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marchaline, at the estate making it an extra special place for the couple to hold a wedding.  (Update:  A source close the couple confirmed they’re planning to eventually wed at Chateau Miraval, we guess that settles it!)

Wherever the Brad and Angelina wedding location might be, we’re sure it’ll be set to be the wedding of the century with as much surrounding buzz as there are secrets.  We say let the couple wed in peace.  With all the charity work and awareness the couple has been involved in across the world we think that just this once they deserve a little down time.

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