Make Your Big Day Your Own

Your Day, Your Way

Wedding…the bringing together of two things.  Marriage…a legally recognized relationship, established by a civil or religious ceremony, between two people who intend to live together as partners.  When I looked these words meaning up in the dictionary, I was a bit shocked at what the meanings where.  I always had the mentality that the wedding was the “legal” aspect.  You know, the certificate, the ceremony, the gown, the JP, ect…  I also thought that the Marriage was the “after parts” of the ceremony, the work part.  Like the relationship maintenance, the great sex, the arguments, the decision making, ect…

The more and more I began to think about it, I realized something, which ever definition you choose to best fit your situation, it’s the coming together and committing the rest of your lives to each other. What an amazing and wonderful thing, to choose someone and have them choose you as their “partner” in life.

Remember that when your finalizing your wedding plans.  Let that ceremony reflect both of you.  Granted not every man is really going to care about the flowers or the color of the bridesmaids dresses, but personalize it to fit both of you.  It’s not about how amazing the reception is or how elaborate your wedding gown is.  You want people to remember your wedding?  Personalize it with some goofy pictures, showing how the two of you are together.  Put together a fun choreographed dance, preformed by you and your bridesmaids.  Sing to your new husband.  Get a useable wedding favor, like a candle holder or something edible.  Some of us brides love the tradition.  Add your own flare to those traditions.  Don’t make your bridesmaids ware dresses you know they won’t ware again.  Let them ware a pant suit outfit with the same color top.  Include your guests in your first dance.  Also make sure you send your dress to the Wedding Gown Preservation Company before the honeymoon so you can come home to a clean, preserved dress to show future generations.

There are endless possibilities to incorporate your own tastes into your wedding and make it not only a day you’ll never forget but a day your guests will never forget either.

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