Choosing Your Gown – Be Different!

Be different for a day everyone will remember

When my husband proposed to me, the last thing on my mind was our wedding.  The excitement of finally finding my dream man was too much for me to even begin thinking about the details of a wedding.  That excitement quickly evaporated…

As both our families began to discuss wedding plans, I quickly realized there was little I was going to have a true say in.  Conversations turned into a power point presentation of why things should be done their way.  A part of me was severely annoyed and another part of me didn’t care.  The more they do, the less I have too.  However, the one thing I knew I had complete control over was my wedding gown.

So, as the research ensued, I looked a thousands of wedding gowns on-line.  Every style, shape, fabric, length… I even took one of those “body type” tests you can take to check your official body shape.  I found a few gowns that were O.K., but lacked that “love” factor ever bride is looking for.  I remember thinking, “they all look the same, I want something different.”  That’s when my research took a major turn.  I looked up alternative wedding gowns, gothic wedding gowns, colored wedding gowns…

My mother and I decided to go to a bridal store and try on different styles of gowns, which I encourage everyone to do.  I tried on 3 white gowns.  I hated them.  That’s when I found a very detailed, embroidered, red gown that looked amazing.  I had to try it on.  Looking at myself in the mirror, I knew I wasn’t going to wear white to my wedding.  This particular gown was beautiful, but I would’ve altered the design of the gown, in one way or another, to “make it my own”.

At this point I had two problems, I knew whatever gown I bought, I would alter in some way and I needed to make sure my fiancé was ok with the idea of me not being in white.  To my surprise, he was fine with it.  But that still leaves problem number one.  I started looking a colors and textures and styles and finally decided, on a whim, to go back to the bridal salon and look at bridesmaids dresses.  I found the perfect canvas for what looking for and it was a great price.  Plus, I knew of a fabulous seamstress and went to work!

I was beyond thrilled with the end product.  Knowing that I had designed my own wedding dress, made me feel even more proud to walk down the isle towards my future.  I received so many wonderful compliments on my unique choice and even received a special note back from the wedding gown preservation company mentioning how beautiful the dress was and how much they admired my bold decision.  My advice to all brides, make your gown your own.  Add a sparkle here, a splash of color there.  That’s what makes you stand out even more on your special day.

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