Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gown

So, Ladies, what’s the one event in our lives that will cause us to, laugh and cry, to scream and stress, and ultimately change our lives forever?

Weddings, weddings, weddings!  For some of us it’s a 24 hour fiesta cram packed with all the trimmings of a traditional wedding.  For others it’s a weekend event that will entertain your guests and yourself with out any limitation.  And for the rest it’s just a simple Justice of the Peace ceremony.  Regardless of how small or extravagant our wedding day is, all of us want to look like we’ve just stepped out of a fairytale.  Let’s face it, we go on crazy diets, get facials, go tanning…  But the most important and beautiful part of this whole process is our Wedding Gown.  For some, it’s more difficult than picking the groom!  Here are a few tips on how to make this process a little less stressful.

Don’t go into any bridal store with out doing your research!

First, before any shopping decide on a venue.  What’s your style?  Is it a traditional wedding or a beach wedding?  Is it a summer wedding or a winter wedding?

Second, check your wallet.  For those of us that don’t have the luxury of falling in love with any wedding gown no matter what the price tag says, this is an important step.  Be smart about it!  Think about your venue.  Consider all the accessories you will need, from tiaras to shoes to even those alterations.

Third, check your body type.  Let’s face it ladies, even though that one wedding gown in vogue magazine looks phenomenal on that model doesn’t mean it’ll look good on us.  Each one of us has a different and unique body.  And we all know that during that day we want to look glamorous, but we also want to be comfortable.  Go in knowing you’d prefer a halter top with an empire waist, or a strapless a-line.

Fourth, be honest with yourself.  By all means don’t hold back trying on fifty wedding gowns if you can handle it.  For some, three or four is the limit before our brains and our hearts go into complete overload.  If you know that the wedding gown you have in your arms is too expensive for your budget, than have someone find you a wedding gown that is similar in style but with less of a price tag.  It is possible!

Fifth, bring a loved one with you.  Whether it be mom and dad, or a sister or best friend, having a second opinion is crucial.

Last, if you are conflicted between wedding gowns, take the time to think it over.  Go out to lunch and discuss it with your loved ones.  Bring someone else with you to a fitting and get their opinion.  This is a big decision!  It’s one of the most important moments in your life.  You should be going into buying a wedding gown with smile.

After your big day be sure to have your gown cleaned and preserved to prevent your precious wedding gown from yellowing and having stains set-in.  The Wedding Gown Preservation Company offers full service wedding gown preservation for just 149.00.

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