Cheap Isn’t Always Better When Preserving Your Wedding Gown

Get your wedding gown preserved by the professionals and you’ll save in the long run

wedding gown preservation historyWedding gown preservation has been a service that has been offered for nearly 300 years, ever since the traditional, formal wedding became a big affair.  In England, revealing the royals wedding gowns became a really big deal, rivaling that of a sporting event in today’s age.  Much to-do was made when speculating what style the princess would be wearing and after her big day the local tailor went to work preparing the gown to be preserved and displayed for the entire kingdom to gaze upon.

While today we live in a much different age you can still get treated like a royal when preserving your wedding gown.  Modern technology and advancements in materials allows your gown to be preserved and guaranteed for over 100 years.  Even more important our advancements have also taught us what not to do when preserving your wedding dress such as staying away from paper with acids in them and using UV coated plastic in the wedding gown preservation kit.

While you may be tempted to take your gown to your local dry cleaner to dry clean, wrap in plastic and stick back into your closet, it is highly recommended you don’t take the cheap route and instead opt to take your gown to a professional.  Just as you wouldn’t take your car to a carwash to get your engine fixed you also shouldn’t take your dress to a business that doesn’t solely focus on wedding gown preservation.

Wedding gown preservation specialists understand the special material, beading and lace that comprise your dress.  They have years of experience in cleaning and preserving just gowns and that knowledge means they can insure your gown will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.  They’ll encase your gown in materials that have been proven not to harm the delicate materials and sensitive fabric.  This means no acid paper, no materials that allow sensitive sunlight in and a bust form to keep your dress in its original shape while it sits in the preservation box.

While it’s recommended that you don’t go cheap you also don’t need to spend a lot to preserve your gown.  Most quality gown preservation companies will preserve your gown for under $200 which includes 2-way shipping to their preservation factory and insurance on the trip back and forth.  When you compare this cost with the original investment you’ve put into your wedding gown you can see why it’s well worth preserving your gown with a professional company that guarantees their results.

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