Brad Pitt and Anglina Jolie Wedding Location – Our Top 3 Picks

Unless you live under a rock then we’re sure you’ve heard that the wedding of the century is finally on.  Yes, that’s right, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting married.  We can only imagine what type of affair this will be.. the wedding gown, the flowers, the guests.  Will they go the Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer route and hold a secretive private wedding or will this be a celebrity packed gala with all the typical bells and whistles?  While no one knows for sure we do have some good guesses as to the Brad Pitt and Angelina wedding location.  To get an idea of where this elusive location may take place we need to take a look inside the couple’s well guarded lives.

#3 A Shotgun Wedding in England

Whether Brad and Angelina marry in England largely depends on how quickly the couple plans on tying the knot.  Angelina and Brad will be in England for quite a while considering she’s filming her next 3 movies in the country, with her role in the upcoming “The Counselor” being a joint venture between the couple.  There are certainly plenty of magnificent venues in the country ranging from the hauntingly beautiful Chillingham Castle to the private Coombe Abbey.  It’s rumored that a big reason behind their engagement is pressure from the kids which we’re sure is going to speed thing up.  Who knows… considering how adventurous and non-conventional the couple is, they may just show up at an English justice of the peace one day and surprise us all.

falling water anglina pitt house#2 The Couple’s Future Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Waterfall house

What’s the ultimate gift when you can pretty much buy your partner anything in the world?  Evidently a waterfall.  Angelina recently purchased a waterfall and the surrounding land for an undisclosed amount in rural California for her beau after visiting the famous Frank Lloyd Wright house “Fallingwater” in Pennsylvania.  Brad was so enamored by the home that he became border line obsessed with the simple architecture and natural features of the home.  It’s even rumored that Brad will have a direct role in designing the architectural layout of the home.  As far as getting married at future home the question is time.  We figure it’s taken the couple a long seven years to get engaged so what’s another five years to get married in the home of your dreams?

Chateau Miraval Angelina Pitt Wedding#1 Chateau Miraval in France

After initially leasing Chateau Miraval, the Future Mr. and Mrs. Pitt now own the beautiful property situated in the illylic countryside in the South of France which they acquired for a cool 35 million euros.  The chateau property dates back to pre-Roman times (720-121 BC.) and is very well known for the excellent wine produced on the estate.  There’s no doubt the Chateau would provide an ideal setting for a private Brad Pitt and Angelina Wedding venue.  What puts the estate over the top on our list is the fact that Brad and Angelina have raised their twins, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marchaline, at the estate making it an extra special place for the couple to hold a wedding.  (Update:  A source close the couple confirmed they’re planning to eventually wed at Chateau Miraval, we guess that settles it!)

Wherever the Brad and Angelina wedding location might be, we’re sure it’ll be set to be the wedding of the century with as much surrounding buzz as there are secrets.  We say let the couple wed in peace.  With all the charity work and awareness the couple has been involved in across the world we think that just this once they deserve a little down time.

If you can’t afford to buy your partner a waterfall but still want to give them the celebrity treatment, be sure to check out our Celebrity Wedding Dress Preservation Kit so you too can cherish your big day forever.

The Inside Story on the Wedding Dress from Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn Marriage Scene

Breaking Dawn Marriage Scene

If you have a pulse and if haven’t been living under a rock for the past year then you know of the big marriage scene in the latest Twilight series Breaking Dawn. With the exception of Kate Middleton’s big to-do, watching Bella officially chooses the vampire over the werewolf has been the most anticipated moment of the year for giddy 14 year old girls across the country.  So what does one wear when marrying a 100+ year old vampire in front of his vampire family?  A $35,000 dress  of course, designed by Carolina Herrera, wedding designer to the stars (and according to the next movie in the series, would-be vampires).

In a recent article published by Town & Country, Carolina state that lead actress Kristen Stewart was “visually emotional” when trying on the dress for the first time.  Whether this was due to her getting caught up in the thought of someday wearing a wedding a dress equally as beautiful on her big day or simply getting into character is left to our imaginations.

twilight breaking dawn wedding dress

Breaking Dawn Wedding Dress Detail

The gown Carolina exclusively crafted for the latest Twilight Saga features an open backed design adorned with lace as well as 1/4 length laced sleeves which give the gown a vintage glamor feel.  After Carolina finished the dress she presented it to the production team where it got the nod of approval from Twilight series author Stephenie Meyer. “It’s such an interesting mix,” Meyer told USA Today. “It has a vintage feel, but at the same time, there’s an edge to it. It’s really beautiful. And then on Kristen — oh, she looks amazing in clothes — and in that dress she’s so lithe and unbelievable.”

Carolina is no newcomer in the fashion world having created timeless pieces for the likes of Christina Hendricks and Kathleen Turner.  In Carolina’s own, and always elegantly, words she said:

“We did three fittings. When she initially put on the dress and looked over her shoulder into the mirror, she was very moved. In that moment she was not an actress or a character in a film but instead a bride, and a happy one at that.”

What would it cost the Twilight producer for a wedding gown cleaning and preservation?  “Just $189.95 for the celebrity treatment”, says Leah McCoy, the owner of “All our brides get the same celebrity treatment and yes, we’ve preserved many wedding dresses for well known celebrities”.  Will they be getting this particular dress cleaned or preserved?  “Probably not” says Leah, “We’re certain every little spec of dirt or sweat mark will be cherished forever by the star-struck fan lucky enough to attain the dress in the event it is auctioned off”.

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Cheap Isn’t Always Better When Preserving Your Wedding Gown

Get your wedding gown preserved by the professionals and you’ll save in the long run

wedding gown preservation historyWedding gown preservation has been a service that has been offered for nearly 300 years, ever since the traditional, formal wedding became a big affair.  In England, revealing the royals wedding gowns became a really big deal, rivaling that of a sporting event in today’s age.  Much to-do was made when speculating what style the princess would be wearing and after her big day the local tailor went to work preparing the gown to be preserved and displayed for the entire kingdom to gaze upon.

While today we live in a much different age you can still get treated like a royal when preserving your wedding gown.  Modern technology and advancements in materials allows your gown to be preserved and guaranteed for over 100 years.  Even more important our advancements have also taught us what not to do when preserving your wedding dress such as staying away from paper with acids in them and using UV coated plastic in the wedding gown preservation kit.

While you may be tempted to take your gown to your local dry cleaner to dry clean, wrap in plastic and stick back into your closet, it is highly recommended you don’t take the cheap route and instead opt to take your gown to a professional.  Just as you wouldn’t take your car to a carwash to get your engine fixed you also shouldn’t take your dress to a business that doesn’t solely focus on wedding gown preservation.

Wedding gown preservation specialists understand the special material, beading and lace that comprise your dress.  They have years of experience in cleaning and preserving just gowns and that knowledge means they can insure your gown will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.  They’ll encase your gown in materials that have been proven not to harm the delicate materials and sensitive fabric.  This means no acid paper, no materials that allow sensitive sunlight in and a bust form to keep your dress in its original shape while it sits in the preservation box.

While it’s recommended that you don’t go cheap you also don’t need to spend a lot to preserve your gown.  Most quality gown preservation companies will preserve your gown for under $200 which includes 2-way shipping to their preservation factory and insurance on the trip back and forth.  When you compare this cost with the original investment you’ve put into your wedding gown you can see why it’s well worth preserving your gown with a professional company that guarantees their results.

More Than Just Gown Preservation

Raising money for a worthwhile cause

Most people in the drycleaning industry work hard each day trying to make ends meet and bills paid in these trying times. It is not often that they are able to take the time and effort away from work to help others.

Although there are many cleaners who help out their communities with Coats for Kids, prom dresses for needy students, two percent for the local schools and other notable causes, most are just caught up in the daily grind of work, work, work.

Michael Schapiro, the owner of Wedding Gown Preservation Company in Endicott, NY, is one who takes the time and special effort to help make a difference in the community.

In July, Schapiro was involved in the largest single sporting event fundraiser in the country — the Pan Mass Challenge, a two-day, 200-mile bike ride from Sturbridge MA, to Provincetown, MA, to benefit cancer research.  Schapiro and the others involved raised $34 million for the Jimmy Fund for Pediatric Cancer Research and the Dana Farber Institute, a special center for pediatric cancer, in Boston.

There were 5,400 bike riders and each one is obligated to get sizable donations to help children and their families overcome this frightening disease. Schapiro’s family has been touched by cancer and he was anxious to help raise money for cancer research.

The experience was emotional, heartwarming, and gratifying, Schapiro said.

“My grandparents started a little tailor shop in Endicott, NY, in 1913. It was the impetus for my parents and brothers to enter the business. This weekend was all about giving back to the community and helping families who are less fortunate than mine,” Schapiro said.

“I can tell you hundreds of stories from the people I met on the ride who have been affected by the disease. Some riders have lost spouses and some have lost children or parents. Some riders have miraculously overcome their disease thanks to the Dana Farber Institute and Jimmy Fund, and thanks to the money raised each year.

“It was so inspirational and so uplifting to ride alongside friends and strangers and hear their stories and their heartfelt thanks to all the riders. I have never seen such an outpouring of love, help, and just caring for our fellow human beings. It was so good for the heart, and soul, and helped me realize what one person can help accomplish.”

After the first night of cycling, most riders slept in a huge tent. Schapiro was lucky enough to spend the night at friend and fellow dry cleaners Paul and Roberta Bagley’s house in Onset, MA, just at the midpoint of the ride.

Schapiro has spent many years in the dry cleaning industry. In 1981, along with his two brothers, he opened a tuxedo rental store. Since they already had the drycleaning equipment, they were urged to expand their formal wear store to include drycleaning. From that they have expanded to an Apparel Master franchise, CRDN fire restoration business, HealthWear, as well as Wedding Gown Preservation Co.  In 2005 they sold it all except for Wedding Gown Preservation Co., which Schapiro kept. Since then he has purchased Allied Heirlooming of Mississippi and Heirloom Memories of Florida. His wife, Sue, joins him in running the business.