Wedding Dress Cleaning Cost – The Price of Inexperience

Inexperience can cost you...

When most brides think about preserving their wedding dresses, they’re not usually looking to go the cheap route.  This is your wedding dress after all, probably the most important and memorable garment you’re likely to wear during your lifetime.  We’ve seen the cost of wedding dress cleaning and preservation vary between $99 all the way up to $500+ dollars.  You might be asking what you’re getting for those $500 cleaning services that you wouldn’t be getting by choosing a reputable company like the Wedding Gown Preservation Company with prices starting at $149.95.  Not much our findings uncovered.  We found you often get less with these services as opposed to choosing a company with the industry experience to get the preservation done right the first time and match it with a 100 year warranty on their work.

What are you really getting for your investment?

Along with a handful of companies online, we found that the biggest culprits of overcharging and under delivering when preserving wedding dresses were found locally.  We called a local dry cleaner in NYC and described the dress to the gentleman on the phone as well as told him about a few stains the dress had incurred during the reception.  After a long, drawn out conversation along with some slick sales copy that sounded as if were read from the palm of his hand, we were quoted no less than $650 to send our wedding gown to them,  have it cleaned and sent back.  And get this – we were given the privilege of paying extra for the shipping.  In addition, the dress would be placed in a dry cleaning bag and sent back to us in a cardboard box, no preservation box to protect it from the elements over the years and keep on display.

It’s not really their fault

By now you’re probably asking yourself how they were justifying the $650 cost of preserving the dress.  It’s very simple really, most dry cleaners don’t have the methods and technology in place to make it an affordable process.  If you were to ask a cake decorator to be your wedding planner, well, for the right price I’m sure they could do it.  At the same time they’ll be charging you for their time and lack of experience which means if you simply paid a wedding planner to organize your wedding it would have been much faster and much easier on your wallet.  The wedding planner has years of experience in coordinating weddings and has the knowledge and staff to efficiently carry out all their tasks. When you ask a local dry cleaner to clean and preserve your wedding dress you’re paying them for their time and trouble to complete a process they’re not entirely familiar with.

Lower your wedding dress cleaning cost by choosing  a company that only cleans wedding gowns

By choosing a company that only preserves wedding dresses, you’re getting the assurance that your wedding gown will be cleaned and preserved utilizing the best possible methods combined with industry leading techniques.  Technology also plays a key role in this process as delicate wedding dresses require specialized dry cleaning equipment that is specifically engineered for wedding gowns that contain sensitive beading, lace and other adornments.  Also, rather than one person painstakingly examining and cleaning tough stains on your dress, the Wedding Gown Preservation Company has an entire team dedicated to your preservation located at various stations.  With each station focused on a different task in the preservation process, you can be sure nothing will get overlooked and your dress will return in half the time than it would at an inexperienced dry cleaner.  All these factors from inexperience to the lack of a process adds up to an extraordinarily high wedding dress cleaning cost.

The long term costs of choosing a gown cleaner with little experience

Another important factor to consider is the long term cost of preserving your gown with a company offering a cheaper service or a company lacking experience.  Does this company truly stand by their work and offer a warranty on the preservation?  Do they have a means to protect your dress from yellowing over the years and what will they do about if if it does?  You can’t put a price tag on preserving a memory and you also can’t put a price tag on doing a job right the first time.  You’ll get the peace-of-mind in knowing your dress will be safe and pristine for future generations to come and when you’re dress arrives looking like it did the day you first tried it on, you’ll know your saved hundreds on your wedding dress preservation cost.  When you’re ready to preserve your wedding gown choose, the leading national retailer for the Wedding Gown Preservation Company.

Gown Preservation – A Family History

The Wedding Gown Preservation Company has been preserving wedding gowns since 1913 when Sara and Joseph Schapiro started the company in a small town in the rolling hills of Upstate New York.  At the time, Sara and Joseph specialized in cleaning and altering gowns for many of the local residents who trusted the family with their treasured dresses.   Together, the two came up with many formulas for gently removing difficult stains, many of which the company continues to use today.  The company made it through the difficult recession and both world wars to be passed down through the generations and continue the family tradition of gown preservation.  Today the company continues the legacy and stands as the largest and most trusted wedding gown preservation company in the world.

The Schapiro family has modernized the gown preservation process by investing in new technology and methods and continually hires new gown preservation experts to care for each gown as it makes the roundtrip journey from your door step.

Modernizing Gown Preservation While Preserving Traditions

Today, preserving your dress with the Wedding Gown Preservation Company has never been easier and more affordable. 

To start your preservation process visit the ordering page and choose from either the Traditional Preservation Kit or the Celebrity Preservation Kit for more expensive dresses that require extra care.  You’ll receive a confirmation of your order and within two to three days your preservation box will arrive.

The preservation box consists of a high density, crush-proof box and a special gown preservation bag to protect your gown on its journey to our preservation studio.  Simply unfold the box, seal your dress in the air tight bag and place in the preservation box.  Seal up your box with the provided ping shipping tape and you’re ready to go.  Your preservation box includes a free shipping label so that you can conveniently drop off your box at any Fed-ex or UPS location near you.  The Gown is also insured during shipping at no extra cost to you.

Clean and Preserve your Wedding Gown in Under 7 Weeks

When your gown first arrives at the wedding gown preservation studio a number is issued to the dress so that you can track your gown throughout the preservation process.  Over a period of 5-7 weeks your dress is gently dry cleaned, the beading work is checked and the gown is thoroughly examined for any stains or blemishes that require special attention.  Each station your dress passes through has a single person responsible for their task so you can be assured a panel of experts will be working on your preservation.

The final stage of the preservation involves treating your dress and sealing it in a beautiful preservation box with a translucent window for you to show off to your children, friends and family.  A bust is placed inside your gown to preserve the integrity and shape of your gown throughout the years.  Your preservation kit is placed in another crush proof, water proof box and delivered to your door step and is again fully insured for the trip back.

Ordering is Easy – Preserve Your Memory Today!

It’s that easy!  Remember it’s never too late to preserve your dress and the Wedding Gown Preservation Company.  They’ve preserved gowns that are over 50 years old and have brought back the color and life that the dresses deserved.