Traditional Gown Preservation

  • Wedding gown cleaning and preservation
  • Includes free shipping both ways
  • $500 Insured Value
  • Include 3 additional Items free
  • Beautifully wrapped in acid-free tissue paper
Retail Price: 245

Celebrity Gown Preservation

  • Wedding gown cleaning and preservation
  • Includes free shipping both ways
  • $1500 Insured Value
  • Include 3 additional Items free
  • Beautifully wrapped in unbleached muslin
Retail Price: 299

Gown Cleaning and Wedding Gown Preservation From the Experts

The Wedding Gown Preservation Company has been preserving wedding gowns for over 90 years and is proud to have served over 200,000 satisfied brides.

Wedding Gown Preservation in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Order Your Kit

Order your wedding gown preservation kit from We guarantee you the lowest pricing available and are the only retailer to offer you a free Starbucks card with your order so you can get a coffee while you wait!

Step 2: Pack Your Dress

Use the included special fabric stain stickers to point out troubled spots and place your wedding gown in the preservation box that arrives at your doorstep. 1 low price includes free shipping both ways.

Step 3: Receive Your Preserved Gown

After being pressed, hemmed and cleaned, your dress will arrive at your home in its own beautiful preservation chest to be adored by future generations.

Peace-Of-Mind Guarantee for 100 Years

Your professional bridal gown preservation and cleaning service backed up by a 100% guarantee for 30 years against caramelized sugar stains or yellowing of the gown. If, over the years, your gown is found to have yellowed or stained, The Wedding Gown Preservation Co. will restore the gown free of charge. Remember,gowns should be stored in a clean, dry place - never in a basement or attic.

As a factory direct dealer for the Wedding Gown Preservation Company, we pride ourselves in the quality and care of our customers wedding gowns.

How to Preserve Your Wedding Gown

When a young bride gets over the excitement of her beau’s proposal the first thing her mind naturally goes to is, "I need to go pick out a gown!" With so many styles and trends that come and go over the years it can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. With the help of friends and family this can be a fun and exciting experience for a bride as she begins her journey to finding the perfect dress. But after the guests leave and the gifts are packed into the car, what happens to the wedding dress that you spent so much time and emotion with?

It’s Time to Preserve Your Wedding Dress

The best time to start thinking about gown preservation is the day after your wedding. Think about it. When you have a stain or blemish on a piece of clothing are you supposed to throw it in the laundry to be washed sometime later in the week? No. You pre-treat it with a stain stick and set it aside to be carefully washed. You can apply the same idea to preserving your wedding gown. There’s so much going on during your wedding day that you may not realize how much wear and tear your gown is going through. Cake icing, dirt on the train, grass stains, alcohol, sweaty hugs from estranged relatives… your wedding day is a potential mine field for your wedding dress. Rather than attempt going through your dress with a fine tooth comb when you should be on your way to the airport for your honeymoon, send your dress to a professional gown preservation company to be cleaned, preserved and placed in a display for future generations to enjoy.

How Gown Preservation Works with

Getting started with your Gown Preservation

The first step to preserving your wedding gown is click on a link above and order either the Traditional or Celebrity Wedding Gown Preservation Kit. The Traditional Wedding Gown Preservation kit has all you need to beautifully preserve your dress but the Celebrity kit also includes our platinum preservation case and is insured up to $1500 during shipping for brides with more expensive gowns. Both kits will ship directly to your door and the water resistant, crush proof shipping container unfolds with our unique preservation bag to keep your dress extra safe during shipping. Simply drop off your pre-paid shipping container to either a FedEx or UPS drop box and you’re done!

What happens to your Gown at the Wedding Gown Preservation Company?

Once we receive your gown you are immediately issued a gown preservation status number so you can check in on where you dress is in our preservation studio and how far along your dress is. Our floor is set up in stations so that each preservation expert at each station checks for a single item such as beading, stains, hemming etc. By utilizing this process you’re assured a panel of experts will inspect your gown and be sure nothing is overlooked. Areas of you gown are flagged for pre treatment and treated with a special formula kept secret for generation to be sure of maximum cleaning power designed for the sensitive materials that gowns are fashioned with. At the end of this process every gown is sent through our custom dry cleaning process to remove any non-visible dirt and bodily fluids. The last step in our process carefully places your dress in a form and sealed in our beautiful wedding gown preservation chest.

Receiving your Wedding Gown Preservation chest

Our preservation chest is sent back to you in a crush proof, water proof shipping container (your dress is insured both ways during shipping) and you’ll receive a shipping notification the same day your dress leaves our studio with a tracking number. The entire process takes just a few weeks so when you come back from your honeymoon you’ll be ready to show off your gown to family and friends! click here to get started today.